Are Backup Cameras Really Preventing Back-over Accidents?

Back-over accidents are increasingly common over the summer, especially since children are one of the most likely groups of individuals to be injured in crashes like this. Back-over accidents frequently happen in parking lots and as a vehicle is leaving a driveway, and even if the vehicle is moving at relatively slow speed, this can… Read More »

Study Determines That People Do Not Really Desire Self-Driving Cars

Individuals across the country have been bombarded with a great deal of media and research studies associated with self-driving cars. However, a new research project identified that many people simply aren’t interested in a fully automated vehicle. Despite the fact that manufacturers have been working hard to develop comprehensive vehicle systems that handle all of… Read More »

By the Numbers: What Are the Statistics Behind Most Pedestrian Accidents?

Research from the National Highway Safety Administration outlines some of the primary causes and factors associated with the majority of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents include any situation in which a person is running, hiking, jogging, walking, or lying down when he or she is involved in a motor vehicle crash. According to statistics analyzed by… Read More »

How New Technology Can Help Hospitals and First Responders Evaluate Victim Needs after a Car Accident

New computer algorithms are developed for multiple purposes everyday, but a recent creation involves helping ambulance responders and personnel as well as hospital staff direct crash victims to the closest and most appropriate area for critical care. Behind the Scenes of the Research This new development comes from a team of clinicians and biomechanical specialists… Read More »

What You Should Know About Falls on Construction Sites

While there are many different hazards associated with working on a construction site, many of these can be significantly mitigated by following safety protocol and ensuring that everyone is onboard with various safety rules and regulations. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of serious construction accidents and fatalities is falling on a construction site…. Read More »

Most Common Injuries Linked to Pedestrian Accidents

In the immediate aftermath of a pedestrian accident, your body may go into shock or experience the influence of adrenaline, making it difficult to identify the severity of your injuries. Since some of the most serious injuries associated with pedestrian accidents can be those that are difficult to diagnose, a doctor’s input during this critical… Read More »