Through the years we have had many successes, here are a few we’d like to share.

Our firm represents people from all walks of life. We have long-standing relationships with members of the California Highway Patrol and have been recommended by over twenty local law enforcement and firefighting agencies we work with. We are proud to have represented thousands of public safety officers in personal injury, workers’ compensation cases and public safety industrial disability retirement cases. Satisfied clients have personally referred the vast majority of people we represent.

After we conclude a case, we send our clients a questionnaire in which we ask what we did well and how we can improve our service. Here are some of the things our clients have said as well as some of our success stories:

My experience was excellent and our attorney, Steger, was prompt and clear and very helpful to our needs. The outcome of our case was beyond our expectations. Steger was very informative and told us exactly what to expect. – Ruben V.-, Los Banos, CA

“The firm did an outstanding job in representing me. They were always on top of the case and kept me fully informed. The case was complex and took years to resolve, and I could not have done it without Chris Dehner.” Harry C.-Controller/Compliance Officer, Brush Prairie, WA

More Client Testimonials

$40,000 in Unpaid Overtime
A sandwich shop hired an “assistant manager” to help in the day-to-day operation of the business. She worked for over ten years for the restaurant and had seniority over many of her coworkers. As such, she often would open and close the shop, and would train new hires. Other than that, her job duties were exactly the same or simiilar to those of her coworkers…Read More

Commute Injury That Caused Catastrophic Injuries Proven to be Work-Related
Gail was a real estate portfolio manager for a major corporation. Her place of work was in San Ramon and her home in Tracy. On a Friday afternoon she left her office early and headed east on Highway 580. A trailer being pulled by a pickup truck heading west became detached, flew across the freeway, and struck her car head on. As a result Gail has since been wheelchair confined…Read More

Maximizing Your Recovery by Coordinating Your Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Claims
Glen is 35 years old and made over $60,000 per year in construction. Because of the injury, his earnings are now limited to $30,000. So he is losing $30,000 per year. Assuming he would have worked another 30 years, 30 years times $30,000 is $900,000…Read More

Favorable Settlement Obtained for Woman Taken Hostage While Working as a Bank Teller
Susan worked at a suburban branch of one of the nation’s largest banks. On Christmas Eve, just before 3:00 p.m., a man approached her at her teller station and presented her with a note demanding she place all of her large bills in a bag. He pointed a gun at her, and she immediately began to comply with his demand. Just as she handed the money-filled bag to the robber, a security alarm sounded. The robber grabbed Susan, pulled her over the counter, and instructed all employees in the bank, as well as patrons, to lie on the floor. He then demanded that she take him to her car…Read More

Oh, The Things Insurance Companies Will Do
Roy was a marketing executive for a major winery when he became a paraplegic and was rendered totally incontinent as a result of a freak injury during a business trip. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier immediately acknowledged its responsibility for the injury and provided medical treatment and indemnity benefits. So far, so good…Read More

A Client’s Story
I can’t express enough gratitude to the law firm of Jones, Clifford, and Johnson & Johnson, LLP. When my father died in the (automobile) accident, I didn’t know what to do. My mother and brothers and sisters were not only emotionally devastated by the death of our father, but were economically devastated as well…Read More

Persistence Pays Off!
Willie was injured in March 1995. After he underwent a long and difficult course of treatment and appeared to stabilize medically, we were able to negotiate a settlement of his workers’ compensation case for $192,000, part of which was paid in cash and part in the form of an annuity, along with lifetime medical care for his injuries at the expense of his employer. The settlement was approved on April 10, 2000. On April 25, 2000 the insurance carrier mailed the check to Willie’s home. It arrived April 28, 2000, but, unfortunately, Willie died the day it arrived…Read More

Man Killed While Working off-premises. Awarded Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits.
Jeff was an assistant professor of physics at Stanford University who was just beginning a pre-tenure academic sabbatical year in June 2000. This sabbatical was fully paid, and its purpose was to enable him to devote himself full-time to the research and writing based upon which his application for tenure would be judged by Stanford and its Department of Physics. Jeff was “on the bubble” as far as tenure was concerned and felt tremendous pressure to produce a high volume of world class research and writing by the end of the sabbatical year…Read More

Excellent Personal Injury Settlement for Police Officer with Serious Back Injury
Kimberly, a 31 year old police detective, was injured on-duty in June, 2000, while riding as a passenger with two other officers in a police vehicle driven by a co-employee. The vehicle in which she was riding broadsided a large GMC dump truck that was attempting to make a u-turn from the right shoulder of the road. The driver of the police vehicle slammed on the brakes in an effort to avoid the collision, but was unable to stop in time…Read More