Speeding, like many driver behaviors, can increase the chances of a serious accident. Speed limits are posted to help keep drivers safe and to avoid severe injuries.

One recent study in Seattle found that car crashes were less likely to occur after a city-wide program dropped overall speed limits. Many people recognize the dangers of traveling at excessive speeds.

Speed limits are posted for your safety, but when people ignore these or engage in other reckless behaviors, such as distracted, drowsy or drunk driving, this can lead to significant repercussions for victims. Those victims may have substantial medical bills, missed time at work and even have to alter their life in the future due to decreased mobility because of the accident.

In those situations, hiring a San Francisco personal injury lawyer may be the only opportunity for those victims to recover compensation. The research from the Seattle study was published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, focusing on smaller city streets, identifying that reducing speed limits across those and all other roads could reduce the odds of someone getting seriously hurt in a car accident. The risk of injuries decreased significantly when posted speed limits were reduced throughout downtown Seattle streets, which are known for heavy traffic.

Speed limits were initially reduced starting in 2016 in Seattle and then were compared with three different control cities across Washington state that kept their initial speed limits. On side streets, Seattle’s speed limits were dropped from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. On thoroughfares and residential streets, speed limits were also dropped from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour.

City officials used the public awareness campaign to notify people about the reduced speed limits. Unfortunately, far too many accidents are caused by speed and other preventable factors. Consulting with an experienced and qualified attorney may be your next step to help you recover compensation after a preventable accident.



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