Were you recently injured in a serious car accident in San Francisco? If so, you need to know what your rights are and proceed accordingly. From knowing how car insurance in California works to ensuring that you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, it’s very helpful to have an injury lawyer in San Francisco at your side to guide the case and answer your questions.

You need to let your car insurance company know about the wreck as soon as possible. This is because just like you will attend doctor’s appointments to get a schedule in place for how you’ll recover and receive treatment, your insurance company has their own action steps they must use to move forward.

Your insurance company will tell you more about what they need from you as you proceed post-claim. The company might ask for a recorded or written statement. This can also allow the insurance company to get the necessary details around the other driver, witnesses, and the accident itself. In order to receive medical payments or in situations where you have an uninsured motorist claim, you will need to provide evidence of your losses in the form of medical bills, lost wages, and documents.

You can expect to hear from your claims rep within a reasonable period of time. This person is your point of contact at the insurance company and will be responsible for collecting statements and asking you other questions about the accident. If you have problems getting in touch with your insurance company, you’ll want your SF personal injury lawyer to help you by intervening and requesting a status update on your case.


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