Data from the National Center for Health Statistics indicates that vehicle accidents are the number one reasons for fatalities for those between ages 16 and 20, according to a recent article from the Insurance Information Institute.

Many people are under the impression that distracted driving and using a phone in particular is the main problem for accidents in teens. However, a recent study from Liberty Mutual indicates that the primary problem is lack of time spent on the road. That inexperience can translate to a higher likelihood for accidents.

Nighttime driving and driving with other passengers in the car are some of the situations that can increase a teen’s likelihood of being involved in an accident. The Liberty Mutual study shows that 3 out of 4 high school seniors felt confident in their driving skills and therefore up to 71% of them stayed on phone while they drive. Car crash fatalities among those aged between 15 to 20 however, increased by 9% in 2015.

Despite the age category between 16 and 20 keeping the lowest number of licensed driving, that same age group has the highest crash involvement rate. Giving teens plenty of opportunities to practice on the road can increase their confidence behind the wheel and give you greater peace of mind that they are engaged in safe habits. Having driving rules for every time they are behind the wheel is a good recommendation for parents.

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