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Newsletter Winter 2006/7

Articles: JCJJ recognized with a Gold Partner Award for our fundraising efforts, Our attorney’s recent success stories and public recognition, “What type of cases go to trial?”, Information about Vehicle Rollover Accidents, For Your Safety: Recalled Product Roundup, Nursing Homes and Accident Prevention, Client Service: Our Goal is to Keep You Informed, New Talent at Read More

Newsletter Summer 2006

Articles: Lawsuits Can Save Lives: Police Body Armor, Driving Safely, Are you Losing Important Legal Rights?, For Your Safety: Recalled Product Roundup, Lawsuits Improve Protection for American Workers, Faulty Medical Devices, Auto Accidents: What Caused Them?, Juries Getting More Involved in Cases, Certifed “Pre-Owned” Cars, Premises Liability: Keeping Customers Safe, Shopper Trips on Worker’s Ladder. Read More

Newsletter Winter 2005/06

Articles: Safe Children’s Car Seating, Pedestrian Safety, Sick Leave, Driving on Wet Roads, Fired for Being Injured on the Job, Workplace Injuries, Toy Safety for Babies, Frivolous Lawsuit Legends, What Personal Litigation Explosion?, Punitive Damages, Back Wages, Homeowner’s Insurance. Read More

Newsletter Summer 2005

Articles: Tire Safety, What’s Wrong with “Tort Reform”?, Red light Runners, A Civil Justice System Myth, Car Power-window Safety, List of Recalled Products, Flu Vaccine Shortage and so-called “Frivolous” Lawsuits, $40,000 in Overtime Wages, Preventable Medical Errors. Read More

Maximize Your Recovery

When a worker is injured on the job as a result of someone else’s negligence (not a co-worker), he has both a Workers’ Compensation claim and a Personal Injury claim for negligence against the third party. Amazingly, there are very few law firms and attorneys who specialize in both. At Jones, Clifford, Johnson & Johnson, Read More

Trial Attorney to Juror & Back

“We have a jury.” With those words intoned by a San Francisco judge in the summer of 2007, I embarked on the enlightening experience of sering on a jury in an insurance bad faith case tried in San Francisco. This article will recount my juror experience and will conclude with some lessons that I learned Read More

Are You Adequately Insured?

A Peace Officer, working traffic enforcement for a local agency, has pulled over a driver on the side of a freeway for a routine traffic stop. He follows procedure and activates his lights. He exits his vehicle and is standing in the shoulder, well off the freeway. An irresponsible and careless driver inattentively hits the Read More