Workers who are injured on the job have a complicated process to follow to get the benefits they need. A new audit claims that the state agency responsible for ensuring that workers get the right treatment from healthcare professionals is falling short due to problems in delayed care.

If there’s a disagreement between a worker and their employer about whether or not the injury was caused by work, a review can be requested via the Division of Workers’ Compensation. However, the problem with this in California is that many workers have not been able to get a review from a doctor for months.

The audit report shared that there are not enough physicians to carry out these workers’ comp reviews. The number of doctors available to do reviews has dropped by 12 percent in recent years. This can add more stress for a worker who has already suffered a workplace injury.

Being hurt at work could entitle you to possible compensation under the California workers’ comp system, but only if you know what to expect when filing your papers and following your claim through the legal process.

Getting a medical review can help to confirm the severity of the victim’s injuries and how it is likely to impact their ability to work and live their life. If you have been hurt in an accident on the job and are having problems with your employer, the doctors, or the insurance carrier, you need to remain focused on your healing and treatment. Trust the legal aspects of your case to a dedicated San Francisco workers’ comp lawyer.


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