Could Wearable Tech Decrease Teenage Accident Risks?

For teens with ADHD, the possibility of getting into a car accident is a serious consideration. Recent studies are looking to explore whether trackable and wearable technology could help make driving safer for those teens who have ADHD. In their early years of driving, teens all face a higher risk of getting into accidents. They’re… Read More »

Do I Have to Notify the Police About My California Car Accident?

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How Do Rear End Accidents Happen?

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Bicycle Accidents: What to Do Next

Unfortunately, bicyclists are exposed to significant risks when riding anywhere in San Francisco. This is because they cannot always account for the safety, awareness and attention of drivers on the road, and may wind up seriously hurt in an accident because of the lack of protections they have on a bicycle compared with someone inside… Read More »

How Is Car Accident With Internal Bleeding Treated?

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What Is a Cumulative Trauma Claim For California Workers’ Comp?

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