San Francisco is a bustling city with a lot of people on foot, and, these days, a lot of people on scooters, too.

Not every scooter rider abides by the rules of the road, meaning that a driver could be at risk of hitting and seriously injured someone on a scooter at any time of day or night. Even though the scooters hitting the streets of many cities around the country are lightweight and cheap, they offer little to no protection for someone riding them. And their speeds are just high enough that drivers might feel like the scooter came out of nowhere.

These scooters also offer a false sense of safety. They’re so easy to grab and ride that plenty of people also assume they are safe, but a person on a scooter faces many of the same risks that a motorcycle rider does.

A scooter rider can quickly end up in the blind spots, increasing the possibility of being hit in a crash. Secondly, a new scooter rider might overestimate their ability to operate the vehicle and make sudden moves that throw them into traffic or other obstacles.

If you’re thinking of taking up scooter riding, consider safety gear and practice on a flat surface before you get started. Uneven terrain can destabilize the scooter, too.

If you’ve been involved in an accident as a scooter rider or a car driver who hit one, getting medical attention and legal help as soon as possible is important for safeguarding your own future. Set up a meeting with San Francisco scooter accident lawyer today.

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