Back-over accidents are increasingly common over the summer, especially since children are one of the most likely groups of individuals to be injured in crashes like this. Back-over accidents frequently happen in parking lots and as a vehicle is leaving a driveway, and even if the vehicle is moving at relatively slow speed, this can still lead to catastrophic injuries.

According to a recent research study with data from the federal government evaluated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, backup cameras are becoming increasingly common in vehicles, but they are not necessarily associated with substantial decreases in back-over accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration intends to make backup cameras standard in all new vehicles in the coming years and other new technologies like lane collision warnings and automatic breaking may also be considered by the agency as well. The presence of backup cameras in vehicles doubled from 32% to 68% on all new cars sold, although injuries decreased by less than 8% over the same period.

A back-over accident can yield severe injuries. The weight of a car can do substantial damage to any of your limbs and could even pin you underneath it. If you have already been injured in an accident like this, consult with a California personal injury attorney.

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