A new MTC study has found that thanks in part to the surge of people moving to the Bay Area, there are more commuters and also more accidents. To arrive at that conclusion, they looked at fatal crash numbers between 2010 and 2016 and saw that these kinds of accidents increased by 43 percent throughout San Francisco.

There was a big increase in the number of cyclists and pedestrians fatally injured in those accidents, meaning that it wasn’t just traditional drivers who were at risk of being hit. Although the study didn’t dive into exactly why those numbers were rising, it’s expected that the growing population and the prevalence of distracted driving are big factors.

Accidents can and do happen anywhere, but more people moving into an already-populated area can make for big problems when it comes to traffic accidents. Accidents are largely caused by human error, which can happen with drowsy, distracted, drunk, or aggressive driving.

A person struck in these kinds of accidents may never be able to recover in full, left instead to deal with a lifetime of medical appointments and requirements. That’s why California personal injury law allows victims to recover compensation with the help of an injury lawyer.

If you or someone you know has already been hurt in an accident, you can’t afford to wait to get help- you need a talented San Francisco personal injury attorney to fight back.

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