A major shopping consideration for any vehicle buyer is new car safety and it’s certainly true that today’s cars are safer than ever, but some protections are only limited to very expensive models. Some types of safety features can reduce your risk of an accident significantly or prevent you from suffering severe injuries in the event of an accident.

According to information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a forward auto braking system could reduce the chance of a rear end collision by as much as 40% and can minimize your chances of severe injuries when a crash in inevitable by as much as 30%. 20 major automakers have already agreed to equip the majority or all of their vehicles with forward crash mitigation as early as 2022.

Auto braking is usually limited to more expensive luxury cars, however, it is now included across the line on several lower priced vehicles, including the Toyota Corolla, a very popular model for people in the market for buying a new car. Investing in these safety features and doing thorough research before purchasing a car could benefit you by empowering you with the most options and preventing your chances of injuries and the catastrophic costs associated with them.   If you’ve already been hurt in an accident, find a San Francisco personal injury attorney you can trust.


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