Is San Francisco Meeting Its Vision Zero Goals?

Did you know that the city of San Francisco has made a commitment to attempting to decrease the number of fatalities tied to preventable traffic accidents? It’s a program called Vision Zero. The purpose of Vision Zero in San Francisco is to hit zero traffic fatalities by the year 2024. According to the calendar year… Read More »

New Study Finds That Drivers of One Type of Car Have the Highest Rates of Alcohol Related Fatal Crashes in Speeding

New data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that Pontiac Infinity drivers led all other vehicles when it came to fatal crashes involving marijuana and other hard drugs. Additionally, Infinity drivers had the highest rates of speeding for all car crashes in the United States when compared with other brands. The fatality… Read More »

How Is Fault Determined After My California Car Accident?

Two primary applications for determination of fault apply with auto accidents in California. As an injury victim there’s no doubt that you have plenty of things to think about and are concerned about protecting your future. When the injuries are catastrophic, a victim must be prepared for the process of determining fault in an vehicle… Read More »

New Study Says Speeding Kills More than Most Expect

There’s no doubt that behavior like drunk driving and distracted driving take their toll on roadways across America. But one behavior that might be more common and overlooked could also have a devastating impact on accidents and injuries: speeding. It’s not just the law. Speeding can enhance a driver’s risk of being critically hurt in… Read More »

What Are Permanent Disability Benefits?

If you have recently filed a California worker’s compensation claim, you probably have questions about how to protect those benefits and what to do in the event of an appeal. There are several different types of disability benefits to which you might be entitled and having a consultation with a workers’ comp attorney can help… Read More »