How Can I Prove That a Car Accident Caused My Back Injury?

Sometimes it can be challenging to show that a back injury is directly related to a car accident caused by a negligent driver. After any kind of serious vehicle accident in San Francisco or surrounding areas, you need to get medical attention immediately. Some symptoms may be easily spotted, but others may be difficult to… Read More »

Using Car Seats and Seat Belts Correctly Can Save Lives

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Data shows that nearly half of children seriously injured in a car crash were not in a car seat. All parents know the importance of using car seats, but properly installing these and ensuring that they match your child’s height and weight are extremely important. Families spend a significant amount of time on the road,… Read More »

Three Risk Factors for Traffic Accident Injuries

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Anyone can fall victim to a serious vehicle accident, but some factors make it more likely. An accident can lead to catastrophic injuries for those who survive, and recovery of compensation might be the only way for the injured parties to get their life back on track. The World Health Organization collects key facts around… Read More »

Does Fault Really Matter in A California Car Accident?

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Some states around the country are no-fault, meaning that the assignment of fault in a car accident is not necessarily as important for determining financial responsibility. However, fault is a critical factor for determining who is responsible in an accident, and fault in California is identified by examining all of the circumstances of the accident,… Read More »

Men More Likely to Sustain Injuries in Pedestrian Wrecks

A pedestrian accident can leave a surviving victim with critical pain and medical bills for weeks, months, or even years. Being struck by a vehicle can turn that victim’s life upside down, often leaving little recourse beyond filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Many pedestrian accidents are preventable, but leave behind a… Read More »

Four Things Injured Workers Are Entitled To

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Following a workplace accident, it is extremely important that you get medical attention and report your injury to your employer. It can be confusing to navigate the process of getting workers’ compensation benefits on your own, but the sooner you inform your employer about the issue, the easier it will be to gather the important… Read More »