Brain Development Plays Into Teen Crash Risk

Teen drivers are often at risk from the moment they clinch their driver’s license: with less experience on the road and a greater willingness to drive distracted, they could easily end up in a serious wreck. The development of the teen’s brain, however, has an important impact on crash likelihood, too. Younger drivers who have… Read More »

Who Is Most Likely to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Every worker, even those in an office, have the potential to be affected by workers’ comp injuries. However, certain occupations have long been associated with a higher than usual injury or fatality risk. High-risk occupations make it all the more important for someone who is involved in these professions to wear appropriate safety gear, exercise… Read More »

Does Accident Fault Matter in California?

If you’re hurt in a serious accident, does it matter who caused it? This is a common issue for those who are trying to figure out how to move on with their lives after a serious car accident. While your own car insurance might pay for your property damage, what happens if you are unable… Read More »

Study Shows Decrease in Hospital Stays for Workers’ Comp Accidents in California

A new research study was recently published by the California Workers’ Compensation Institute showing that the chances of a workers’ comp inpatient hospital stay decreased by more than 30% between 2010 and 2018. Hospital discharge data was analyzed to arrive at this result. Multiple factors influenced whether or not someone who sustained a serious workers’… Read More »

Is San Francisco Meeting Its Vision Zero Goals?

Did you know that the city of San Francisco has made a commitment to attempting to decrease the number of fatalities tied to preventable traffic accidents? It’s a program called Vision Zero. The purpose of Vision Zero in San Francisco is to hit zero traffic fatalities by the year 2024. According to the calendar year… Read More »

New Study Finds That Drivers of One Type of Car Have the Highest Rates of Alcohol Related Fatal Crashes in Speeding

New data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that Pontiac Infinity drivers led all other vehicles when it came to fatal crashes involving marijuana and other hard drugs. Additionally, Infinity drivers had the highest rates of speeding for all car crashes in the United States when compared with other brands. The fatality… Read More »