What Are Permanent Disability Benefits?

If you have recently filed a California worker’s compensation claim, you probably have questions about how to protect those benefits and what to do in the event of an appeal. There are several different types of disability benefits to which you might be entitled and having a consultation with a workers’ comp attorney can help… Read More »

Did You Know That More Than Two People Per Day Are Hit and Killed in Cycling Accidents?

While bicycle accidents only make up 2.3% of traffic fatalities, it’s important to remember that cycling makes up a very minimal amount of all trips taken in the United States. Cycling safety has become a prominent concern for many countries around the world, largely due to the disastrous and devastating road accidents associated with bicyclists…. Read More »

Is the City to Blame for My Bicycle Accident?

One of the most important components of preparing for a bicycle accident personal injury claim is identifying those parties that could potentially be held liable. Bicycle accidents in California can be caused by numerous different actors and conditions. These can include careless pedestrians, dangerous road conditions, and reckless drivers. Anyone who has been injured in… Read More »

What Happens with Your Insurance After a California Accident?

One of the first things you should do after verifying your medical condition after an accident is to file a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will then contact you for detailed facts about the laws and may take a recorded or written statement. Sometimes the insurance company will request an examination under… Read More »