California Home to Many Cities with DUI Issues

Sometimes, an officer will arrest a person under suspicion of DUI before an accident happens. In the saddest of cases, however, a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is only caught when a devastating crash hurts people or claims someone’s life. Have you already suffered in a DUI crash in California? You’re not… Read More »

How to Handle A Hit and Run Crash

If you were recently involved in a serious vehicle accident and the person who caused it left the scene of the incident, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Your consultation with a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco might be the only way for you to conduct a full investigation that… Read More »

Study Finds That More Than Half of Drivers Don’t Look for Pedestrians or Cyclists First

Prior to turning right, nearly half of people who participated in a recent study, say they don’t look for pedestrians or cyclists before carrying out the turn. That’s the result of a Canadian research study that shows that people might be most at risk of suffering pedestrian and bicycle related injuries during this particular period…. Read More »

After A Death in The Family, What Can You Do to Resolve Finances?

Sorting out the finances associated with a loved one’s death can be overwhelming and can send even the most organized family into a state of confusion. Scheduling a consultation with an estate planning or probate administration lawyer can help to clear out many of the most common questions surrounding dealing with someone’s estate. It’s never… Read More »

Drones Might Be the Future for Investigating Car Wrecks

Anyone who’s been on the side of a busy San Francisco road in a vehicle accident knows just how frustrating it can be to gather information from the scene. You’re often disoriented and attempting to figure out the severity of your own property damage and physical injuries, and perhaps the last thing on your mind… Read More »