Am I Required to Report My California Car Accident?

Have you recently been hurt in a San Francisco accident or are you curious about what you’re supposed to do if you are involved in one? Understanding your rights and responsibilities is important and can help you with swift action should you or someone you love be critically injured in an accident. The vast majority… Read More »

New Study Shows Frequent Drivers and Young Men Are Most Likely to Get Distracted While Driving

Plenty of studies have been completed to identify distracted driving, but the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that simply changing the radio station can account for at least 14% of car accidents in the United States. Certain people may be more likely than others to engage in distracted driving. A recent study of Norwegian… Read More »

Valencia Protected Bike Lane Study Approved

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority recently approved a six-figure funding opportunity for a study about putting protected bike lanes on Valencia. Safe streets advocates have been protesting regarding the dangers of that road for cyclists. The goal of the advocates is to obtain physically protected bike lanes that are isolated from truck and car… Read More »

A Crash Occurs with Driverless Bus on First Day of The Job

A Las Vegas driverless shuttle made an official debut recently on the streets of the busy city. Unfortunately, just two hours into the shift, it got into its first crash. Although the accident was caused by the other driver, a delivery truck that backed into the shuttle’s front, this raises concerns about driverless vehicles. The… Read More »

Progressive Insurance Study Shows How People Feel and Behave Regarding Distracted Driving

Most people recognize that distracted driving is an extremely dangerous behavior and one that should be avoided. However, they also admit in alarming numbers that they engage in the practice themselves. The most recent Progressive Insurance study released in October of 2017 shows that drivers believe that distracted driving is the most common cause of… Read More »