What is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is the practice of motorcyclists passing slower moving cars by riding in between them. Right now, California has taken a major step forward as far as officially allowing lane splitting. A new bill makes California the first state in the country to make lane splitting legal.  The bill was prompted after a citizen’s… Read More »

Be Aware of Extra Accident Risk Around Daylight Savings Time

As we get ready to change the clocks on November 6th, the daylight savings time might actually cost you more than an extra hour or lost hour of sleep. According to some research out of the University of Colorado at Boulder, there is an increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents in the days surrounding the… Read More »

Study Shows That Distracted Driving Can Also Impact the Negligent Driver’s Stress Levels and the Body

Research out of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has taken a different approach to the exploration of distracted driving by attempting to uncover how it influences the affected driver’s own personality, anxiety and physical response.   It turns out that people get stressed out when attempting to accomplish several things at once which is certainly… Read More »

Tips for Preventing Back to School Accidents

With more children now on the roads headed back to school, it is important to always be aware of the risk of striking children and other pedestrians standing around bus stops. Be aware of the fact that buses use their flashing lights and sounds to indicate that they are stopping to either let children on… Read More »

New Heart Correcting Device Could Increase Car Accident Risks

A new study designed to help patients with irregular heartbeats may have a higher risk of being injured in motor vehicle accidents. Patients afflicted with arrhythmia may be given an implanted device called a cardioverter defibrillator. Researchers identified that the risk of car accidents increased by 50% in patients with that device. Although further research… Read More »