Up to One-Third of Car Owners Cannot Afford Repairs

A recent study conducted by AAA identified that up to one third of people in the United States are unable to afford surprise repairs on their vehicle. Surprise repairs associated with property damage after an accident are just one of the many ways that a wreck can change your life. For those individuals without health… Read More »

Nearly 200,000 Drunk Driving Attempts Prevented with Ignition Interlocks, According to MADD Study

Ignition interlock devices are frequently required for anyone who is a repeat DUI offender. The device works by prohibiting a car from starting if the person’s blood alcohol content is too high. Although this has often been used as a potential deterrent, not much research was done regarding how much this actually could have prevented… Read More »

Car Crash Fatality Statistics Up Across the Board

Every year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identifies important statistics associated with vehicle accidents and the fatalities associated with them. It turns out that a lack of strict individual state driving laws may be contributing to higher than ever numbers of vehicle fatalities. In 2016, across the first 9 months of the year, 8%… Read More »

Study Shows that Young Adults Are More Likely Than Teenagers to Text Behind the Wheel

Unfortunately, in 2015 more than 35,000 individuals lost their lives in car accidents. This represents more than a 7% increase from the previous year. A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, however, shows that millennials struggle with putting down their phones even when they are behind the wheel. More than 2,500 Americans… Read More »