Bicyclists and Pedestrians Crash Statistics for California: What You Need to Know

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 5,000 pedestrians and upwards of 700 bicyclists were killed in crashes with cars in 2014 alone. Unfortunately, California has frequently been listed as one of the most common places for fatalities to occur. Although pedestrian injuries have generally been on a downward trend for the past… Read More »

Insurance Companies Argue That Distracted Driving is a Leading Cause in the Increase of Traffic Fatalities in 2015 and 2016

Unfortunately, far too many people are engaging in the dangerous behavior of not paying attention behind the wheel. Playing with smartphone applications like YouTube, email, Facebook or Pokémon Go while you’re sitting in rush hour traffic or travelling at high speeds is unfortunately all too common.   Auto insurance officials are arguing that distracted driving… Read More »

What is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is the practice of motorcyclists passing slower moving cars by riding in between them. Right now, California has taken a major step forward as far as officially allowing lane splitting. A new bill makes California the first state in the country to make lane splitting legal.  The bill was prompted after a citizen’s… Read More »

Study Shows That Distracted Driving Can Also Impact the Negligent Driver’s Stress Levels and the Body

Research out of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has taken a different approach to the exploration of distracted driving by attempting to uncover how it influences the affected driver’s own personality, anxiety and physical response.   It turns out that people get stressed out when attempting to accomplish several things at once which is certainly… Read More »