Can I Get California Workers’ Comp for a Hernia?


  Lifting, bending, and generally exerting your body in specific ways at work can lead to serious injuries. One such example is hernias, which can become very painful if untreated.   A diagnosis of a hernia can be extremely problematic and painful for someone who relies on their physical capabilities to do their jobs. Human… Read More »

Who Is at Fault in A T-Bone Accident?

accident t bone

Any vehicle accident carries the potential for serious injuries but depending on where you’re struck, a T bone accident can yield severe or even fatal impacts. A T bone car accident may also be referred to as a side impact crash and these are some of the most fatal accidents on the road today. A T… Read More »

Can a Car Accident Cause Fractured Vertebrae?

  People injured in San Francisco vehicle accidents have plenty of questions after the fact and may need the assistance of a qualified attorney to help them navigate the legal process of damage compensation. Getting immediate medical attention for your injuries is crucial since this may be your best chance of getting treatment for your… Read More »

Will I Have to Get Surgery After a Car Accident?

If you were significantly injured in a San Francisco car accident, you need to get medical attention immediately. If you were unable to speak for yourself or clearly severely injured at the scene of the accident, the police and other authorities may have immediately taken you to the hospital. There are many different reasons why… Read More »