Can Expired Car Seats Cause Injuries for Children?

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Injuries from vehicle accidents are a leading cause of fatalities for children, and many people may not realize that car seats have an expiration date. Fitting a child in a proper and current car seat will help reduce their chances of being seriously hurt in an accident. If your child winds up hurt because someone… Read More »

How Do Most People Injure Their Back in a Car Accident?

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  The force of a car accident carries the potential to leave victims with major back injuries. These can run the gamut from short-term whiplash to more severe things like spinal cord damage. You may not realize at the scene of the accident that you’ve suffered a devastating spinal injury. It is extremely important to… Read More »

Can I Get California Workers’ Comp for a Hernia?


  Lifting, bending, and generally exerting your body in specific ways at work can lead to serious injuries. One such example is hernias, which can become very painful if untreated.   A diagnosis of a hernia can be extremely problematic and painful for someone who relies on their physical capabilities to do their jobs. Human… Read More »

Who Is at Fault in A T-Bone Accident?

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Any vehicle accident carries the potential for serious injuries but depending on where you’re struck, a T bone accident can yield severe or even fatal impacts. A T bone car accident may also be referred to as a side impact crash and these are some of the most fatal accidents on the road today. A T… Read More »