Overdoses While Driving Is Serious Concern for Car Accidents

There have been plenty of legitimate research studies and horrifying stories about the dangers of distracted driving or drugged and drunk driving. However, it turns out that there may be a new trend as well, known as overdosing while driving. More car accident cases seen by personal injury attorneys and law enforcement officers are reporting… Read More »

Be Aware of the Dangers of Debris Flying Off Vehicles

Although many people think of traditional car accidents involving the collision between a vehicle and another vehicle or even a vehicle and a pedestrian, you could also be severely injured when debris that is on an unsecured load flies off of a vehicle and hits your car or causes you to swerve around that obstacle… Read More »

There Is a Downside to Better Technology and It’s Increased Daydreaming

A recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Study shows just how dangerous technology can be for drivers behind the wheel. Although plenty of technology has been dedicated to minimizing car accidents or preventing injuries in those accidents, a government sponsored study tracked 3,500 individuals via cameras and sensors inside their cars. This study analyzed more than… Read More »

Don’t Pokémon and Go

PokémonGo has been instrumental for helping the Nintendo company garner more than $7.5 billion in revenue in less than 2 days after the game’s release, but it also presents an important opportunity to talk about the dangers of distracted driving. Plenty of news reports have detailed that individuals playing Pokémon Go have run into obstacles,… Read More »

California Named Number One State for Driving Selfies

Although California is known for many different positive attributes, unfortunately, it has also become the home of the most driving selfies.  In order to determine this, the Auto Insurance Center examined more than 70,000 Instagram posts for selfie- and driving-related hash tags, to determine which states had the highest number of individuals participating in this… Read More »

Are Backup Cameras Really Preventing Back-over Accidents?

Back-over accidents are increasingly common over the summer, especially since children are one of the most likely groups of individuals to be injured in crashes like this. Back-over accidents frequently happen in parking lots and as a vehicle is leaving a driveway, and even if the vehicle is moving at relatively slow speed, this can… Read More »

Study Determines That People Do Not Really Desire Self-Driving Cars

Individuals across the country have been bombarded with a great deal of media and research studies associated with self-driving cars. However, a new research project identified that many people simply aren’t interested in a fully automated vehicle. Despite the fact that manufacturers have been working hard to develop comprehensive vehicle systems that handle all of… Read More »