Most Common Injuries Linked to Pedestrian Accidents

In the immediate aftermath of a pedestrian accident, your body may go into shock or experience the influence of adrenaline, making it difficult to identify the severity of your injuries. Since some of the most serious injuries associated with pedestrian accidents can be those that are difficult to diagnose, a doctor’s input during this critical… Read More »

Key Tips for Avoiding Bicycle Collisions

Although cycling has become an increasingly popular activity, not just for getting to work but also for leisure, unfortunately cyclists are some of the individuals most likely to be seriously injured in a car accident. There are several ways to avoid collisions with vehicles and several of these tips are listed below. Wave. If you… Read More »

Safety Tips to Follow Around a Construction Site

Despite plenty of safety gear and guidelines, construction sites can be a very dangerous location for employees. Small missteps in terms of safety can have catastrophic consequences, especially if an employee is seriously injured. What follows are several safety tips to help prevent accidents. Never carry tools by their hoses or cords Keep hoses and… Read More »

How to Make a Right Turn

San Francisco has long had a major concern about bike safety. In its efforts to cut down on the number of bicycle/auto accidents, the City has expanded the introduction of bike lanes, and in late 2015 closed the city’s major artery, Market Street, to all but bicycle, bus and taxi traffic. Final results of the… Read More »

Psychological Trauma and Personal Injury

Recently a San Francisco teacher had a close brush with death when a part of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel broke loose and narrowly missed her car as she drove across the Bay Bridge. Luckily she was able to swerve to avoid the concrete but was unable to avoid driving over at least a section,… Read More »

What Took the FDA So Long?

Three years after the Food and Drug Administration was warned that reusable endoscopes were spreading deadly infections, no action had been taken. According to a recent report in the Los Angeles Times, the culprit was not politics, it was a simply because the FDA had lost the report. The newspaper says it was one of… Read More »