Verdict Pending in Driverless Car Crash Case

Tesla and GM have already been involved in automated driving accidents. However, a current case is pending involving a Chevy Bolt. This car was changing lanes on a highway in California when it struck a motorbike. The rider of the motorbike suffered severe shoulder and neck injuries, and took legal action. The Chevy was operating… Read More »

What Is the Most Expensive Car to Crash?

A recent analysis looked at the top ten most expensive cars to crash. Given that vehicle crashes are common causes of injuries and fatalities, and it looks as though this trend will continue into the future, many people are curious about how to purchase a car that will not only protect them in the event… Read More »

Are You Driving on the Country’s Smoothest Roads?

What happens if you’re involved in an accident because you lost your grip on the road? Traction is an important element regarding the relationship between your tires and the ground. During wet weather, you’re more likely to face a serious issue with slipping or hydroplaning. But what happens if the roads are too smooth, and… Read More »

Most Common Vehicle Defects That Could Cause an Accident

If you or someone you know has recently been hurt in a San Francisco accident, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim with the help of a San Francisco auto accident attorney. In addition to finding negligence with parties who were recklessly or illegally driving at the time of the accident, vehicle… Read More »

Am I Required to Report My California Car Accident?

Have you recently been hurt in a San Francisco accident or are you curious about what you’re supposed to do if you are involved in one? Understanding your rights and responsibilities is important and can help you with swift action should you or someone you love be critically injured in an accident. The vast majority… Read More »