What Is Running a Red Light in California?

Running a red light is about more than just breaking the law- it exposes the driver running the light and any drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the immediate area to the possibility of serious accidents. California law has specific rules about what it means to run a red light. Being involved in an accident because… Read More »

Do You Trust Your Teen Driver?

Teen drivers are more likely to be hurt in vehicle accidents for a variety of incidents. While some of this is due to risky behavior behind the wheel, it can also be caused by lack of driver experience. If you’re the parent of a teen driver, be aware of the impact adding this new person… Read More »

Who Covers Medical Bills After a California Car Accident?

One of the biggest expenses associated with a serious vehicle accident in California is often your medical bills. Anyone who is injured or sustains significant property damage due to a California car accident can recover compensation through the at fault driver directly or that driver’s insurance policy. California law requires that every driver carries insurance… Read More »