Although California is known for many different positive attributes, unfortunately, it has also become the home of the most driving selfies.  In order to determine this, the Auto Insurance Center examined more than 70,000 Instagram posts for selfie- and driving-related hash tags, to determine which states had the highest number of individuals participating in this dangerous practice of taking a picture while operating a vehicle.Car selfie

California posts more driving selfies per day than anyone else across the country.  Individuals living in the Golden State, in fact, posted 2.53 driving selfies for every 100,000 residents, putting California came in just ahead of Nevada.

Taking time to snap a picture behind the wheel is extremely dangerous, but this is particularly true when you are trying to get a picture of yourself.  Using the front-facing camera on your cellular phone means you need to pull your eyes away from the road.  Even if this is just for a couple of seconds, it’s long enough to be involved in a devastating distracted-driving accident.  As any number of news stories have shared, distracted driving accidents can make for a gruesome scene and serious consequences for a driver who causes the crash.

Individuals who are responsible for causing distracted-driving accidents may be facing criminal, as well as civil penalties.  Consulting with a San Francisco personal injury attorney after an accident like this can help to clarify the legal issues involved and get more information about next steps.

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