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A new study names California as the 9th state in a list of locations where pedestrians are likely to be fatally injured. More than 10 years of data was analyzed between 2011 and 2020, pulled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The number one state across the country was New Mexico, but California was home to more than 8,000 pedestrian fatalities in that same 10-year period. Pedestrian accidents can cause devastating or even fatal injuries because pedestrians may be struck by a vehicle traveling at high speeds and do not have the same protections as someone inside a car.

Even a bicycle rider may have a helmet and gloves on to help protect them in the event of an accident, but most pedestrians do not expect to be struck and can sustain secondary injuries if they are hit again by another car or if they strike an object. If you have been seriously hurt in a pedestrian accident and need assistance with filing a lawsuit, identifying the right San Francisco personal injury lawyer is important.

A San Francisco personal injury attorney is someone who can help you gather all of the evidence needed to open your car insurance claim, communicate with the car insurance company and other stakeholders on your behalf, and ensure that you remain focused on medical care and treatments during this time.

Any pedestrian accident comes with substantial risks for injury. If you’re dealing with the fallout, protect yourself by hiring a lawyer who knows what to do.

It can be very overwhelming to recover from pedestrian accident injuries or to assist a loved one who has been hurt in this kind of accident, so finding the right personal injury lawyer immediately can increase your chances for success while reducing stress.

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