A new report released by Value Penguin indicates that Highway 99 in California is the most dangerous roadway across the entire country. That road saw more than 62 deadly crashes for every 100 miles of road.

Despite the fact that this is a shorter highway than many others included in the study, the most fatal accidents for every 100 miles of highway occurred in this area. The deadliest city associated with these statistics was Fresno, which is home to more than 30 deadly crashes over the previous couple of years. Highway 99 was also notable in the study for being the darkest highway in the country with more than 108 deadly crashes occurring at night time.

Drunk driving is also a serious concern on this road since nearly 17 deadly crashes for every 100 miles involved drunk drivers between 2011 and 2015. The highway came behind only Interstate 45 in Texas. Interstate 5 was ranked as the 7th most dangerous in the United States and Interstate 80 was ranked 27.

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