Have you been diagnosed with a soft tissue injury following a crash? It can take weeks or months to recover from an injury like this depending on its severity.

The term neck strains and sprains might have been presented to you by your physician after you were seriously hurt in an accident, but the impacts of these injuries can range from one patient to another.

For example, neck strains and sprains can be anywhere from mild discomfort to more severe neck pain that makes it impossible for the victim to go through routine activities.

Soft tissue injuries in the neck are common because there are many different soft tissues that are attached to the neck, including tendons, muscles, and ligaments. A neck sprain or strain happens when one or more of these soft tissues is stretched beyond the usual range.

A neck strain is a term that is used to describe an injury to a neck tendon or muscle, whereas, a neck sprain is an injury to a neck ligament. Neck strain symptoms can include a stiff neck, neck muscle spasms, pain localized in the neck region, and a stiff neck.

These can be caused by whiplash and are typically treated by the hold or cold therapy, over the counter pain medication, and rest or activity modification. If you have recently sustained a soft tissue neck injury because of a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, speak with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to learn more about filing a suit.

Get the support you need during your personal injury suit with a lawyer who understands the impact of this pain in your life.



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