Every car accident is unexpected, but your crash can have far reaching consequences for you and your loved ones if you find out that your insurance claim has been denied or that the company intends to underpay it.

Accident victims rely on insurance settlements to pay for their damages as well as other impacts to their life, such as lost wages or medical bills. When it comes to car accidents each state has their own laws and California is no different.

You must recover insurance money from an at fault or negligent driver if you have been hurt. Your best chances of preparing a comprehensive car accident claim come when your schedule a consultation with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If your insurance claim has already been denied or underpaid it’s necessary to file an appeal.

Your car accident attorney can help you with this process and run point of the communication with your insurance carrier. Your lawyer can help you find the appropriate documents and forms and can even work on your behalf to negotiate a settlement with the car insurance company.

One of the best strategies for doing this is to include the Kelly Bluebook value of your vehicle if you believe that the insurance carrier has downplayed the insurance settlement amount. It can take time to appeal a car accident insurance claim and it is a common tactic for them to avoid communicating with you or to do everything possible to prevent you from completing your appeal.

Their main goal here is to get the accident victim to compromise. Whether you have been involved in a small fender bender or a serious accident, you deserve to have your rights protected with the support of an experienced personal injury lawyer in San Francisco.



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