You might assume that your workers’ comp claim is very clear, but the possibility exists that it could be denied once you submit the paperwork.

You can appeal a denial of your California workers’ compensation claim benefits by requesting that a hearing be held in front of your local workers’ compensation appeals board judge. You can think of this hearing like an informal trial, but this does not mean that you should always approach it on your own.

The support of an experienced estate planning lawyer can give you a great deal of peace of mind that you have gathered all of the necessary evidence and put yourself in the best possible situation to appeal these claims. There are a number of different reasons why a workers’ compensation claim in California can be denied.

These include:

  • Your injury was due to work for a separate company.
  • You do not require medical treatment to recover from your injury.
  • You did not need any time off work because of your injury.
  • Your injury was not work related.

You will need to request this hearing if cases other than this apply to your individual situation. The primary dispute is between you and the insurance company over whether or not the claim is compensable, meaning that the injury is covered by worker’s compensation and that the insurance company holds liability for the claim.

To prepare for these important hearings and meetings, you’ll want to have plenty of evidence and have a clear understanding of how the process unfolds. This means consulting with an estate planning lawyer in advance.



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