Different kinds of injuries after a car accident may result in various kinds of injury awards. The more substantial and long-term your injuries are, the more likely you can argue for bigger compensation. Some catastrophic injuries include things like a TBI, broken bones, and paralysis. However, plenty of people suffer with conditions known as soft tissue damage instead. They may still be entitled to compensation for their injuries, but it’s imperative to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer for assistance with those claims.

People who sustained serious injuries and vehicle accidents may have both soft tissue and other injuries. Bodily trauma is limited to damage to ligaments, muscles or tendons, and this is referred to as soft tissue injuries. These are often seen as less severe than burns, disfigurement, organ failure or broken bones. This typically comes out when someone has those other injuries and receives a higher damage amount.

The general view commonly accepted among insurance adjusters, juries, and judges in California is that other injuries, such as disfigurement, burns, organ failure and broken bones lead to greater amounts of pain and suffering for the victim. This is tied to the belief that they require longer recovery time.

However, if you do have severe soft tissue injuries, or if you have soft tissue injuries from a San Francisco vehicle accident, in addition to other kinds of medical conditions, this can all be used to fight for maximum compensation for you in a lawsuit. You need to be prepared to hire a dedicated personal injury lawyer who has handled many cases like this before to assist you.



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