Were you recently hurt in a serious accident? If so, you probably have many questions about what this means for your future life and ability to work. A car accident may only happen over the course of a few seconds, but its repercussions can last for many years to come when you have catastrophic injuries. Due to the severity of potential injuries and their associated cost, it’s up to you to recognize when you have grounds to file a lawsuit against a negligent party.

Car accidents carry substantial costs for everyone involved. In 2019, for example, vehicle accidents caused over $340 billion in damages. Although you may assume that it is primarily the person who is most seriously hurt, or anyone who has injuries from an accident that pays that price, the public also pays a big section of these expenses too.

This number, while high, also doesn’t factor in quality-of-life issues that occur over the long term for someone with accident related injuries. The public bears much of the cost of car accidents, according to Kelley Blue Book. Public revenues pay for almost 10% of motor vehicle accident costs, which amounts to over $30 billion in which taxpayers foot the bill. That’s another $230 in additional taxes for every American household. Further, insurance costs can go up after a serious accident because of the value of the claim.

Being hurt in a vehicle accident presents many different questions. Set aside time to consult with a qualified personal injury lawyer in San Francisco if you or someone you know has already been hurt. Our office can help you determine your next steps.



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