car crash collision in urban streetEvery year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identifies important statistics associated with vehicle accidents and the fatalities associated with them. It turns out that a lack of strict individual state driving laws may be contributing to higher than ever numbers of vehicle fatalities.

In 2016, across the first 9 months of the year, 8% more individuals were killed in car accidents than during the same time period the year before. Nearly every category of car accident type experienced an increase for fatalities including:

  •    12% increase for bicycle accidents
  •    3% increase for impaired driving accidents
  •    8% increase for motorcycle accidents
  •    9% increase for distracted driving accidents
  •    10% increase for teen driving accidents
  •    10% increase for pedestrian accidents
  •    5% fatality increase for unbelted vehicle occupant accidents

For many of these accidents, it’s the victim who has to struggle with medical conditions, costly healthcare bills, and the pain and suffering of figuring out how to live again. This situation is not easy on anyone, which is why it’s so important to identify if filing a personal injury claim is right for you.

All of these issues can contribute to significant injuries, property damage as well as fatalities. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in California is strongly recommended if you or someone you know has recently been injured in an accident like this.

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