Does Accident Fault Matter in California?

If you’re hurt in a serious accident, does it matter who caused it? This is a common issue for those who are trying to figure out how to move on with their lives after a serious car accident. While your own car insurance might pay for your property damage, what happens if you are unable… Read More »

Hit and Runs on the Rise: What Should You Do?

A hit and run accident can wreak havoc on a company. Nationally, hit and run crashes have achieved all-time high records. In 2016, for example, according to the NHTSA, over 2,000 people were killed in accidents in which the person who caused the wreck fled the scene. Lower gas prices and an improving economy have… Read More »

How to Appeal a California Workers’ Comp Claim

Were you recently hurt in a workplace accident and believe you’re entitled to benefits? Applying for workers’ comp does not guarantee that your claim will be approved, which is why many legitimately injured workers end up hiring a San Francisco workers’ comp lawyer to help them. The most important thing to remember is that you… Read More »