What Every Driver and Passenger Should Know About Seatbelt Safety

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Have you ever been in an accident wearing a seatbelt? Although you might have suffered whiplash from the forward and back motion of a crash, your seatbelt might have prevented you from suffering more serious injuries. Seatbelts are crucial for minimizing serious injuries and restraining you so you are less likely to suffer fatal injuries,… Read More »

Does Fault Really Matter in A California Car Accident?

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Some states around the country are no-fault, meaning that the assignment of fault in a car accident is not necessarily as important for determining financial responsibility. However, fault is a critical factor for determining who is responsible in an accident, and fault in California is identified by examining all of the circumstances of the accident,… Read More »

How Do Most People Injure Their Back in a Car Accident?

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  The force of a car accident carries the potential to leave victims with major back injuries. These can run the gamut from short-term whiplash to more severe things like spinal cord damage. You may not realize at the scene of the accident that you’ve suffered a devastating spinal injury. It is extremely important to… Read More »

Who Is at Fault in A T-Bone Accident?

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Any vehicle accident carries the potential for serious injuries but depending on where you’re struck, a T bone accident can yield severe or even fatal impacts. A T bone car accident may also be referred to as a side impact crash and these are some of the most fatal accidents on the road today. A T… Read More »

What Motorcyclists Should Know About Leg Injuries?

Leg injuries are some of the most common outcomes of motorcycle accidents. You may need to retain an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer to assist you with recovering compensation after you get a leg injury in an accident. As a motorcycle rider, you are exposed to significant risks when you are thrown off the… Read More »