Could Guardrails Lead to a Defective Roadways Accident?

On the side of the road, guardrails are in place allegedly to slow down the speed of a crashing car and to minimize injuries. According to some family members who have lost their loved ones, however, changes in the way these guardrails are made has put drivers and passengers at greater risk than ever before…. Read More »

Should Autonomous Cars Swerve or Crash?

Consumers are still way about autonomous cars, which is why many of them don’t trust the technology and don’t yet feel confident about manufacturer ability to enhance safety. Several self-driving cars that wound up in accidents have also raised big questions about who is responsible in a wreck and how autonomous cars should respond to… Read More »

What Are the Biggest Causes of Car Accidents in California?

Do you know that most of the causes behind vehicle accidents across San Francisco and around California are caused by humans? Even though autonomous technology finds a home-base for cars in California, where several companies are leading the way with self-driving vehicles, human error and negligence accounts for the vast majority of accidents occurring across… Read More »

California Home to Many Cities with DUI Issues

Sometimes, an officer will arrest a person under suspicion of DUI before an accident happens. In the saddest of cases, however, a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is only caught when a devastating crash hurts people or claims someone’s life. Have you already suffered in a DUI crash in California? You’re not… Read More »

How to Handle A Hit and Run Crash

If you were recently involved in a serious vehicle accident and the person who caused it left the scene of the incident, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Your consultation with a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco might be the only way for you to conduct a full investigation that… Read More »