California Named Number One State for Driving Selfies

Although California is known for many different positive attributes, unfortunately, it has also become the home of the most driving selfies.  In order to determine this, the Auto Insurance Center examined more than 70,000 Instagram posts for selfie- and driving-related hash tags, to determine which states had the highest number of individuals participating in this… Read More »

Are Backup Cameras Really Preventing Back-over Accidents?

Back-over accidents are increasingly common over the summer, especially since children are one of the most likely groups of individuals to be injured in crashes like this. Back-over accidents frequently happen in parking lots and as a vehicle is leaving a driveway, and even if the vehicle is moving at relatively slow speed, this can… Read More »

How to Make a Right Turn

San Francisco has long had a major concern about bike safety. In its efforts to cut down on the number of bicycle/auto accidents, the City has expanded the introduction of bike lanes, and in late 2015 closed the city’s major artery, Market Street, to all but bicycle, bus and taxi traffic. Final results of the… Read More »