Study Finds That More Than Half of Drivers Don’t Look for Pedestrians or Cyclists First

Prior to turning right, nearly half of people who participated in a recent study, say they don’t look for pedestrians or cyclists before carrying out the turn. That’s the result of a Canadian research study that shows that people might be most at risk of suffering pedestrian and bicycle related injuries during this particular period…. Read More »

San Francisco Cracks Down on Electric Scooters

Most people who use a bicycle in San Francisco know the pain of seeing vehicles parked in the bike lane, making a smooth trip for the cyclist impossible. And city authorities are responding to that concern, but not in the way bikers expected. Whenever a car or other object is blocking or entering in the… Read More »

Valencia Protected Bike Lane Study Approved

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority recently approved a six-figure funding opportunity for a study about putting protected bike lanes on Valencia. Safe streets advocates have been protesting regarding the dangers of that road for cyclists. The goal of the advocates is to obtain physically protected bike lanes that are isolated from truck and car… Read More »

California One of the Deadliest States to Be a Cyclist

Bicycle accidents have been on the rise in recent years and some states have a greater propensity for accidents than others. According to research from 2012, there were 722 bicyclist deaths that occurred during that year. That represented a 6% increase from 2011 and a 16% jump from 2010. The deadliest state for bicycle accidents… Read More »

Bicyclists and Pedestrians Crash Statistics for California: What You Need to Know

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 5,000 pedestrians and upwards of 700 bicyclists were killed in crashes with cars in 2014 alone. Unfortunately, California has frequently been listed as one of the most common places for fatalities to occur. Although pedestrian injuries have generally been on a downward trend for the past… Read More »