Men More Likely to Sustain Injuries in Pedestrian Wrecks

A pedestrian accident can leave a surviving victim with critical pain and medical bills for weeks, months, or even years. Being struck by a vehicle can turn that victim’s life upside down, often leaving little recourse beyond filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Many pedestrian accidents are preventable, but leave behind a… Read More »

What to Know About Crosswalk Injuries

Have you or someone you know been hurt in a serious pedestrian accident? Pedestrians are exposed to accident risks every single day that they are on or near the road. Unfortunately, pedestrians are especially vulnerable and can suffer significant injuries when they are involved in an accident with a vehicle. Pedestrian accidents can happen when… Read More »

Study Finds That More Than Half of Drivers Don’t Look for Pedestrians or Cyclists First

Prior to turning right, nearly half of people who participated in a recent study, say they don’t look for pedestrians or cyclists before carrying out the turn. That’s the result of a Canadian research study that shows that people might be most at risk of suffering pedestrian and bicycle related injuries during this particular period…. Read More »