What are the Most Common Summer Work Injuries? 

Anyone classified as an employee in California may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they get hurt on the job or develop an illness related to their occupation. Injuries can and do happen in any industry and can happen any given day on the job.   Some times of year and certain occupations… Read More »

What To Do If You Get a Broken Arm in A Car Accident

Arm, wrist and shoulder injuries are extremely common when it comes to San Francisco car accidents. Striking your body against any part of the vehicle or the impact of the wreck itself can cause significant arm, wrist and shoulder injuries. You may be curious about how long it takes you to recover from a broken… Read More »

After A Death in The Family, What Can You Do to Resolve Finances?

Sorting out the finances associated with a loved one’s death can be overwhelming and can send even the most organized family into a state of confusion. Scheduling a consultation with an estate planning or probate administration lawyer can help to clear out many of the most common questions surrounding dealing with someone’s estate. It’s never… Read More »

Drowsy Driving a Factor in Nearly 10% Of All Vehicle Crashes

Drowsy drivers are a big risk factor behind the wheel, perhaps more so than previous studies indicated. The proportion of crashes in which drowsiness was evident was more than three times higher during the night time hours, according to research completed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. In order to arrive at these results,… Read More »

Californians May Get a Break with Lower Mileage Driven

A recent study conducted by the Consumer Federation of America found that most drivers who drove 5,000 miles or less per year across the United States didn’t reap the rewards in terms of insurance savings. The one exception to this was California. While the average motorist who went less than 5,000 miles per year saved… Read More »

What UPS Drivers Can Teach About Driving Safety

UPS is responsible for delivering more than 18 million packages every single day and the majority of these are handled by trucks. Driver safety is one of the most important factors at the company. Truck drivers in general may be more likely to cause significant damage in an accident due to the size and weight… Read More »