After we conclude a case, we send our clients a questionnaire in which we ask what we did well and how we can improve our service. Here are some of the things our clients have said

“Working with Chris Dehner and his team was a wonderful experience. Chris kept me informed during the process and handled all of my needs.” – Blake W.-Firefighter, Redwood City, CA

“Christopher Dehner was extremely professional, courteous and helpful. He always returned my phone calls and answered all my questions. I can’t say enough about him and also about his staff.” – Patricia W.-Police Officer, City and County San Francisco, CA

“Mr. Dehner’s professionalism in handling all matters of my case was exceptional.” – Alfredo Z.-BART, Brentwood, CA

“The experience with working Mr. Dehner was positive from the beginning to the end. He is a great combination of professionalism and patient interaction!” – George C.-Firefighter, City of Santa Clara, CA

“Mr. Dehner clearly explained what should be expected and he delivered on those expectations precisely.” – Brian H., CAHP Officer, El Dorado Hills, CA

“Mr. Wong was magnificent in his abilities regarding my case with the California Highway Patrol and my on the job injuries to my back and knee.” – Robert M.-Retired CAHP Officer, Ukiah, CA

“Mr. Morrison is an excellent attorney. He was very responsive, courteous, reliable, patient and thorough. He provided my family and me with sound guidance and reassurance which was very comforting as we dealt with my long recover from my injury.” – Shong T., San Francisco, CA

“This firm stands by their clients to reassure they receive everything needed to live a quality life after an injury. They “Jones Clifford team” fights hard for their clients’ always.” – Blake W.-Firefighter, Redwood City, CA

“I would recommend the firm to family, friends and co-workers. Service was outstanding!!!” – Jeffrey M.-Firefighter, San Francisco, CA

“The staff were always timely in response to document requests or personal questions.” – Jacob N.-Dept. of Justice, Millville, CA

“My experience with Jones Clifford, LLP has been nothing less than stellar. The obvious expertise and knowledge of the firm always led me to feel confident and secure.” – Brian H., CAHP Officer, El Dorado Hills, CA

“would recommend to my friends and family and co-workers; Jones, Clifford cuts through all the red tape, explains the process fully and every step of the way so you can understand what is going on.” – Michael M.-CAHP, Reno, NV.

“This was my first time filing for workers’ comp and while the wheels of justice grind slow, Mr.Clifford and his secretary, Michael, made the process almost painless! At every step of the way, I was always in the loop and knew what the next step would entail.” – William O.-Firefighter, Roseville, CA

“Frank got right back to me when I called and thoroughly addressed all the questions and messages I had.” – Don K.-Trade Show Installer, San Francisco, CA

“Steger and his staff did a great job communicating status to us and we were very satisfied with the end result.” – J. Collier

“Mr. Dehner was very professional, but also very down to earth and approachable.”

“I believe Frank helped me get a better settlement than I could have done alone. My stress level dropped when I hired Frank.” – J. Kowtko

“Alex went above and beyond in handling my case, always giving me good advice and looking out for my best interests while grieving for my husband, who had recently passed.” – J. Kelly

“Kenny was sincere in his desire to help and always maintained a professional demeanor and was very knowledgeable.” – V. Swaynr

“Kevin Morrison’s input, guidance, and comments were of the highest quality. My expectations were reasonable; my results were fantastic.” – G. Bryden

“Dorothy was not only courteous and helpful, she also exhibited genuine concern. My initial contact with the law firm was through her. She alleviated my early apprehensions regarding the case.” – Clifton, California Highway Patrol

“Michael was very responsive and always returned calls in a timely fashion. He was very informative and would get answers to my questions.” – Ray, San Francisco Fire Department

“Cristina was very helpful in answering questions and relaying information to Mr. Dehner.” – Sarah, Service Advisor

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