In the immediate aftermath of a pedestrian accident, your body may go into shock or experience the influence of adrenaline, making it difficult to identify the severity of your injuries. Since some of the most serious injuries associated with pedestrian accidents can be those that are difficult to diagnose, a doctor’s input during this critical time is extremely important.Accident

The World Health Organization’s data indicates the serious impact of pedestrian accidents: nearly 45 percent of road fatalities are associated with pedestrians. Although each accident has unique elements, there are several common injuries most likely to impact pedestrians:

• Back and neck injuries, including whiplash
• Broken bones
• Lacerations
• Internal bleeding and other complications

Although you might receive high quality medical treatment after the incident, it’s unlikely that all your injuries and pain will subside immediately after an accident. This is why it’s just as important to attend all your follow-up appointments and report any changes to your physician. In many cases, being able to identify when you need further medical intervention can help you heal more quickly and effectively.

The ramifications of a car accident can have long-lasting medical consequences for an injured pedestrian. It may be harder to go to work or enjoy physical activities. Some days may be extremely painful, despite your best efforts at a life filled with health and wellness. Your doctors may recommend physical therapy, surgery, or other complex treatments designed to help you. All of this can take a toll on the injured individual and his or her family members.

Injured pedestrians may be able to begin their path to recovery by reaching out to an experienced California personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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