It comes as no surprise to most people that construction sites are home to many injuries and fatalities for workers. And while an injured worker could recover by getting workers’ comp benefits and using this to help them go back to work, far too many construction injuries could be prevented in the first place. Proper gear, safety, and supervision can prevent some of the most common construction site injuries.

Injuries that can harm a construction worker are varied and can be severe. In some cases, a worker might be so hurt that they can never go back to work. Getting a full evaluation of the workers’ comp claim is the best way for the injured employee to figure out how this accident will affect their life.

Common injuries include:

  • Burns from fires, explosions, or exposure to chemicals
  • Broken bones due to crush injuries or falling from heights
  • Repetitive motion injuries caused by doing the same physical movement over and over during the work day
  • Back injuries from lifting heavy material
  • Brain injuries and neck injuries

What can make these San Francisco workers’ comp cases much more complicated is that more than one party might be responsible. For example, if the maker of a machine used on the project can be found negligent due to a defective product, the injured worker needs to get legal support from an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in San Francisco immediately to understand how these cases work separately and how they can impact one another. If you’ve been hurt on the job, one of the best things you can do is to know all of

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