For teens with ADHD, the possibility of getting into a car accident is a serious consideration. Recent studies are looking to explore whether trackable and wearable technology could help make driving safer for those teens who have ADHD. In their early years of driving, teens all face a higher risk of getting into accidents. They’re still learning how to operate cars, how to drive defensively and are contending with other drivers on the road with much more experience.

The teen years are very dangerous and drivers with an ADHD diagnosis have a very high risk of crashing in their early years. A simulated driver training study was recently completed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The researchers found that by reducing the number of distracted and long glances away from the road ahead of them, teens with ADHD may be able to reduce their risk of traffic accidents. A total of 152 teenage drivers with ADHD were divided into two groups using a simulated driving experience and then were asked to perform secondary tasks. All participants wore trackable eye measuring technology developed by the research team.

Being involved in an accident with any driver can turn your life upside down. Victims of car accidents have a lot of responsibility to gather evidence, file claims, attend medical appointments, and communicate with insurance adjusters. This can be a lot to handle, which is why many victims hire dedicated personal injury attorneys to help.

Driving in the teen years can be nerve racking for teens and parents alike. If you or someone you know has recently been injured in a San Francisco teenage driving accident, you need the support of a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you.



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