A new study found that even though driver assist features have become more prominent on newer models of vehicles, there are still some deployment problems with these issues. These features are slow to react to children, particularly in the dark, according to some recent studies.

Pedestrian fatalities have jumped significantly across the nation in the last ten years and distracted driving has also become a concern. In response to these two issues, vehicle manufacturers have worked to create automated features like auto-braking or pedestrian detection sensors to help drivers when the might not be able to react otherwise before a collision.

However, according to a AAA study, the crash prevention failure rates on certain car models with these driver assist features were extremely high. The study found that when it came to detecting smaller people, such as children, at low speeds, the braking sensor systems failed to prevent a collision 89% of the time.

When detecting an adult or child in dark conditions, those systems failed every single time. If you or someone you know has recently been hurt in a serious vehicle accident that is the fault of another party, scheduling a consultation with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer could be one of the most important things you can do to prepare to fight back and recover compensation for these devastating injuries.



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