Being hurt in a San Francisco car accident raises plenty of questions and it also begins a flurry of communication and activity from your insurance company. The support of a personal injury lawyer is especially important during this time because mistakes that are seemingly minor made in the early stages of your case, could compromise your ability to recover full and fair compensation.

Many different pieces of paperwork could be sent to you by the insurance company, but it is important for these to be thoroughly evaluated by your personal injury lawyer. One such example is a medical records release. A medical record really should only be signed under very specific circumstances after you have discussed it with your personal injury lawyer in San Francisco.

Releasing any and all of your medical information from your past can have significant consequences for your future, especially if you give them unbridled access to your information. For example, the insurance company might argue that the injuries you’ve reported post-accident were not that serious, or that they were related to a preexisting condition and that you’re trying to take advantage of the insurance company to get compensation for this medical treatment.

It is difficult enough to live through an accident, but it is even more frustrating to realize that your insurance company may not be easy to work with. It is critical that any information and documentation received by your insurance company is sent on to your attorney in San Francisco for a full review.


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