Although not talked about as commonly as more serious physical injuries from a San Francisco car accident, a soft tissue injury can have long lasting repercussions for you. You could be eligible for compensation for your damages depending on the severity of your soft tissue injuries and when you retain an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The time that it takes for you to heal from a soft tissue injury will depend on the severity of the condition itself and other factors, such as your overall health and your age at the time of the accident. You may eb able to recover from a soft tissue injury in a couple of months or you might experience pain and other related symptoms for over a year.

The long term impact of catastrophic soft tissue car accident injuries can include loss of function, disfigurement, scarring, limited muscle strength, chronic numbness, chronic pain, and mobility limitations. This usually requires you to alter your work schedule and your daily activities as well, meaning that it may become important in the context of your personal injury claim in California to fight for compensation.

It can be difficult to recover compensation for soft tissue injuries without the help of a lawyer because even though you may be suffering significant pain, these can be difficult to prove. These injuries don’t show up on diagnostic tests like x-rays, for example. Your economic losses must be totaled by your San Francisco personal injury lawyer to make a case for soft tissue injuries. This includes lost wages, property damage, lost earning capacity and medical bills.

Multipliers can be used to determine the value of your non-economic damages. The jury will evaluate many factors in the event that your case goes to trial including the extent of your medical treatment, your supporting witness credibility, how well the jury understands your injuries and more. Some of the most common types of soft tissue injuries include herniated discs, strains, sprains, contusion, whiplash and tendinitis. If you have more questions about recovering from a soft tissue car accident injury, schedule a consultation with an attorney today.



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