Unfortunately, many people who are injured in devastating San Francisco vehicle accidents might not know the full extent of their medical conditions until after the fact. This is why it is essential that you schedule a consultation with your physician to rule out more serious injuries.

One of the hardest kinds of injuries to document is whiplash because these soft tissue injuries can be very hard to explain to outside parties. Whiplash is a form of a soft tissue injury that happens when a passenger’s head moves forward or backward in a violent and rapid motion. The symptoms of whiplash can actually take multiple days to appear but can be especially painful and can make it difficult or impossible for that person to go back to work.

During a car crash, your body will pump a lot of adrenaline into your bloodstream as a self-defense mechanism, making you feel as though you haven’t been seriously injured. Several days after the accident, however, you might begin to experience symptoms of whiplash, including fatigue, dizziness, loss of range of motion in your neck, neck stiffness, neck pain or worsening of neck pain when you attempt to move it. More serious symptoms of whiplash injuries can include depression, blurred vision, sleep disturbances, and irritability.

Treatment of your whiplash injury will depend on the severe extent to which you were injured. Many people with mild whiplash injuries can recover with rest, ice and over the counter pain medication. For more severe injuries, however, you might need pain medication, physical therapy, and muscle relaxers.

Unfortunately, neck strains and sprains that make up whiplash are some of the most commonly reported vehicle accident injuries in the United States, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. You could be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries but need to set aside time to speak with an experienced lawyer in San Francisco.      



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